The idea behind the music is to create a subtle yet driving orchestral score that is natural sounding and period-appropriate. It can be claustrophobic and dark throughout, and then use full-on military horror when required.


For the purely musical parts, they are based on military brass and percussion with a string orchestra to add tension. We could also add an element of horror on top of these tracks, while keeping the military undertone -- this way it will be more original than straight-out horror.


Please read the description of each track below



All music is (c) copyright by Found in the Attic and written by Panagiotis E. Tsafos. No parts of this music can be used for anything except sampling purposes, except by written permission.



1. Main title



2. Tension

This track creates subtle tension to move the story forward.

3. Countdown Timer

This is a military concept for a countdown timer.


4. Ambient ONE

This ambient track utilizes original radio transmissions of the era, warped versions of Hitler's speeches and more.


5. Ambient TWO

This ambient track creates a claustrophobic feeling of being underwater. It also uses sounds of WWII aircraft, cannons, sirens, bombs and more -- all taken from that era.


6. Ambient THREE

A little more musical than the other ambient tracks. This is an ambient version of the "tension" music.


7. Ambient FOUR

The more subtle of the ambient tracks, which nevertheless uses Morse Code to add "movement".  Some of the custom made snippets of the Morse code say "There is no escape" and "We shall never surrender" although they are meant to be felt rather than understood.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forwards to working with you on your project!

Panagiotis E. Tsafos

Found in the Attic soundtrack productions

Tension - Found in the Attic
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Countdown Timer - Found in the Attic
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Ambient ONE - Found in the Attic
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