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'The Tattooist' follows the dark obsessions of a tattooist whose studio is acclaimed for its exceptional and intricately crafted tattoos. Those who receive his prized masterpiece are drugged, imprisoned, and then forced to fight their fears in a race against the clock to escape. Can they escape or will they become victims of The Tattooist?

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"The Tattooist" has 13 wins and over 25 nominations among them for Best Music and Best Sound @ "Independent Horror Movie Awards 2018" and @ "Top Indie Film Awards 2018"

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Read what some lovely people had to say about my music for "The Tattooist"

“Not since “It Follows” has a musical score simply spooked the poo out of me. Composer Panagiotis E. Tsafos’s weird carnival meets swinging jazz is even more impactful in the last 20 seconds then the first. Once you know the kind of tattoos are being offered, the music goes from fun and funky to darkly sinister and yet it’s the same score… will jar your senses in such a cool fashion.”
The Inner Circle

“The film’s score features amazing music by Found In The Attic” 

“…The music by Found In The Attic is fantastic. It’s playful and sinister at the same time. The short has almost no dialogue, so the music is especially important.”
Indie Horror Online

“I must say that I absolutely loved the music from Found in the Attic”
Cinema Smack

“…the music, created by Found in the Attic, becomes a sort of jazz of death, as if torture had a soft halo of sweetness….”
ACCION (translated from Spanish)

“Ears are treated to a musical score by Panagiotis E. Tsafos, that oscillates between kitschy 1930’s-ish music and industrial music”
Horror Buzz

“…amazing music by Found In The Attic…”
Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life (Carl Fisher)

“Punctuated by an incessant, very successful soundtrack composed by Found in the Attic…”
Cine Clandestino (translated from Italian)

“The Tatooist is supported by a very intriguing musical score provided by Found In The Attic…”
Robert James O’Dell


“…the stylish staging is just as convincing as the lively and amazingly well-fitting music that was found somewhere in the attic - oh no, sorry , the Greek band is called Found in the Attic…”
Der Kinogaenger (translated from German)

“…with a celebratory style musical score throughout, this well shot little short paints a picture without a word of dialogue spoken…”
Back to the Movies 

“I love the music! And the short film looks really good.”

“Really good choice for the score…composed by Panaqiotis E. Tsafos…it sets the stage so perfectly”
Horror News

“…excellent and effective sound design…It doesn’t hold anything back in the energetic but gory 80-second runtime which is, surprisingly, powered by a jazzy musical theme...”
Jeffrey Rex Bertelsen

“…the feel good music at the end, which added a chilling touch…”
The Mighty Dragon

“And speaking of tones, the film’s score lightens up the feel, so even someone that isn’t all that much into horror…can enjoy it for what it is…”
Film Threat


“I especially love the contrast between the action on screen and the cheery jazz score from the band Found In The Attic.”
Voices from the Balcony


“…the marriage of sound and image is beyond masterful…”
Unseen Films 


“For having no dialogue at all…the music alone adds so much character…”
The Rotting Zombie 

“…The rumbling circus music, provided by Found In The Attic, and neon lighting pulls us into an offbeat sense of eerie…”
Stuff and That Reviews

“The music, which has a playful swing that latest contrasts to existential dread…makes for a fun, satisfying trip…”
Sonic Cinema

“Fun, happy music playing over bloody torture is always unsettling for sure. I especially liked how the short closes in on the tattooist dancing weirdly to up-tempo music.“
Pop Horror

“…the music is a blast…”
Nevermore Horror

“…Found in the Attic provided the killer soundtrack for The Tattooist.”
Morbidly Beautiful

“The background music was surprisingly cheerful and the exact opposite of what I would generally expect to hear while watching this genre. It provided a nice contrast to the truly frightening things happening to the characters, especially since the audience was given so much leeway in coming up with our own theories about why such happy music was chosen for this tale.”
Long and Short Reviews

“Found in the Attics’ score (composer, Panagiotis Tsafos) is appropriately peppy as befits the copious flows of the red stuff”
James Wegg

“I really love the shot of The Tattooist doing his weird dance at the end”
Bands about Movies

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