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Dear Mr. Andrew Preble,


Thank you for your interest in our soundtrack production services. We are sending you below our offer for your escape room project.



The idea behind the music is to create a subtle yet driving orchestral score that is natural sounding. This means mostly natural instruments and a live performance so the music doesn't sound programmed or robotic.


The two main characteristics of the score are the "heroic" elements (percussion and brass) and “ethnic” elements native to tropical climates (flute, marimba, xylophone, ukulele etc.). The subtle heroic/military-style percussion creates structure and urgency while the ethnic instruments add color and character to the sound.



The sample tracks are meant to give a general idea of the sound, and will be adapted to each scene/segment as required. For example they become more ambient when players need to concentrate and more pronounced to signal something important happening.

Some of the tracks are also written with a younger audience (i.e. children) in mind and it is entirely possible to write two versions of the main themes — one for adults and one for children.


CLICK HERE to download the sample tracks. All music is (c) copyright 2018 by Found in the Attic and written by Panagiotis E. Tsafos. No parts of this music can be used for anything except sampling purposes, except by written permission.



1. Overture

This track introduces the main themes (the research sub / captain Davy's theme / inside the shark).


2. Captain Davy's Speech

This track accompanies Captain Davy's first narration and will be adapted to each speech segment. It it meant to evoke wonder and anticipation, and to add a sense of pride in what the players set out to accomplish.


3. The shack

This track can be used either in the entrance (Davy's shack) or for mini games. Originally written with the "ballast game" in mind, it can also be used for scenes that are fun/lighter in tone, or when children are playing. It can further be expanded into a more conventional song for the soundtrack.


4. Finn's hollow

This piece builds on underlying tension when the players slowly discover the DREX corporation's role in the sharks' strange behavior. It can serve as the theme for the "villains" and can be used for various suspenseful moments.


5. Inside the shark

The music is similar in tone to "Finn's hollow" as the findings inside the shark lead the players into uncovering the sinister plot behind the sharks' behavior.


6. Captain Davy (alternate theme)

This was actually the first theme idea for Captain Davy and it can really work for scenes where action is needed, but with a lighter touch to the music. It can also work as a search-for-clues theme when children are playing.



7. The shark migration

This track can be used for time sensitive (countdown) segments like spotting the sharks and checking the migration map.


8. Rough sea (ambient)

An ambient track for more stressful moments when the players need to solve an important puzzle, but are pressed for time, or when we need to create a general feeling of unease. 


9. Calm sea (ambient)

An ambient track that can be used for quieter moments, such as after a countdown timer. It also works to evoke a sense of awe and wonder -- like seeing many sharks for the first time right in front of you in the ocean and being moved by their beauty.


10. Underwater (ambient)

Ambient music with atmospheric machine/sonar/water/bubble sounds.



Our normal pricing when composing custom scores ranges from $300 - $500 per minute of music + recording/mixing/mastering costs. The price depends on the complexity and total length of the score.


Since the concept is very interesting and we believe the location will offer high exposure to our music, we are willing to offer a special 50% discount on this project and do it for $150 per minute of music (all costs included).


In case the total duration of the music exceeds 60 minutes we can offer a further 20% discount for the purely ambient parts of the score — see section SAMPLE TRACKS above for tracks labelled “ambient”.


The music can be used for the project including all promotional videos/material -- which must include proper composer/production credit.



Once we have agreed on the overall “sound” of the score, delivery time for about 30-60 minutes of music is on average 4-8 weeks — depending on the total length/complexity of the music.



One thing we can also do to increase your revenue is soundtrack sales. For example you can sell a digital download coupon for $10 for the soundtrack. Each coupon will have a unique code which we can provide for $5 so you will have a $5 profit per soundtrack sold.


Thank you for your consideration, and we look forwards to working with you on your project!


Panagiotis E. Tsafos

Found in the Attic soundtrack productions

Main theme - Found in the Attic
Tension - Found in the Attic
Timer - Found in the Attic
Ambient ONE - Found in the Attic
Ambient TWO - Found in the Attic
Ambient THREE - Found in the Attic
Ambient FOUR - Found in the Attic
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